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Made in : South Korea
Contents : 90g (3g per serving, total 30 servings / packets)
Expiration date : Labelled separately on box
Ingredients : Cnidium, Wild Celery, Cheonggukjang, Mineral Water
How to Use: Recommended 3 servings a day, 1 packet per serving. Take with warm water.
- Check for allergies before use.
- Best consumed right after opening
- This product is manufactured by the same facility that processes flaxseed and other bean products

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Made in : South Korea
Contents : 390g
Ingredients : Spirulina, Beet, Persimmon Leaves, Bamboo Salt, Coltsfoot
How to use
*Recommend with warm water.
Free and safe to apply before or after meals.
For Adults 3 shares a day, 100 pills per share
For Children 3 shares a day, 50 pills per share
**1 Plastic Spoon provided

[Baby Gel]
Quantity: 200g
Expiration date : Labelled separately on product
How to use : Apply Gel after washing face or skin. Rub gently while applying.
Made in : South Korea
Main ingredients : Mineral Water 30% (Minerals included Germanium, Selenium)