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Volume / Qty : 230~280(mm), 36~43.5(EU) / 1
How to use : All in one Multi Aqua Shoes Candy
Made in : China
Main ingredients : UPPER - DRknitted LT, 4-way spandex, IN SOLE - EVA, Poly-Mesh, OUT SOLE - Rubber
Qty / Product Composition : Upper, Insole, Outsole

Structure Points:
1) The back strap which is easy to take off is designed well to prevent to loosen easily.
2) Flexible movement with an all-round stretchable 4way spandex.
3) It is excellent in water dripping and ventilation, and the shoes bottom completely sticks to the foot to relieve foot fatigue.
4) Wire net structure outsole prevents sand and foreign matter, helps drainage and drying quickly.
5) It is resistant to external impact and protects your feet from slippery.

1) Please keep the product dry.
2) Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods or direct drying on fire may cause deformation of the product.
3) Do not keep the wet shoes in an enclosed space.
4) If you keep it in wet condition together with other laundry or wash it, it may become stained.
5) When washing the product, rinse the shoes with running water and dry it in the shade.
6) Asphalt, cement, etc. When using the shoes outdoors, please be careful that the bottom fabric can be frayed by touching to the bottom when it is exposed.
7) Please pay attention to slip on the slippery road surface. - There may be individual differences depending on the width of the foot, even though the same length is possible. The ankle entrance may be tight due to the nature of the shoes without straps. This is to make sure that it is not easily peeled off during activity. - If your feet or ankle are thick, we recommend that you wear a larger amount.

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