[treeoil]Cypress phytoncide spray 500ml refill 4 bottles


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Volume / Qty : 500ml(1 bottle)
How to use : (상세이미지에 안내되어 있으므로 기재 생략 가능)
Made in : Korea
Main ingredients : 100% cypress phytoncide
Qty / Product Composition: 500ml 4 bottles
Expiration date : 2 years after manufacturing date

It refers to the mysterious substance with natural disinfection produced by the plants in the forest.
The main ingredient of phytoncide, 'terpene', has excellent deodorizing and deodorizing effect, and makes a soft smell of forest

1.Proud in the world with FDA safety approval
2.Selected pruning of only 100% pure cypress leaves, 40 years old
3.No emulsifiers or surfactants added