[Touch Ground] Vintage Running OG GRAY


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The deisgn was based on the track shoes in the 70s.
In order to provide light cushioned fabric, we applied EVA to minimize the collapsing of the cushion.
Foaming Sponge is applied in the outsole to emphasize light weightness making customers feel like they are bearfooted.
The uppers of leather suede was crafted with buffing and waxing process to provide vintage mood.

* Material: Upper(cow leather/polyester), Midsole(rubber sole), Outsole(rubber sole)
* Using the kiln to provide originality of vulcanized sneaker
* Made in KOREA
* Unisex Shoes
* Size : 230(US 6 Women), 240(US 7 Women), 250(US 7 MEN), 260(US 8 MEN), 270(US 9 MEN)

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