[BEUON] Tokstick Skincare Device


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Product Type : Skin-care device
Size : Width 2 cm * Length 2 cm * Height 9 cm
Weight : 15g
Material : stainless, pure gold, plastics
How to use : Insert ampoule in the device and press the device on the face to help ampoule go into the skin
Made in : Korea
Handling Precautions : Use one device for only one person

1. Product name(model name) : Tokstick (BEUON01)
2. Patent registered number : 10-1745584
3. Contry of manufacture : South Korea
4. Manufacturer : Beuon
5. Contact number : 82-2-458-8526
6. E-mail : beuon01@gmail.com






1. The number of needles (49 needles VS 20 needles)

It is apparently much more effective than the competitive product due to having 49 needles per each device while the competitive product has only 20. There will be more needling effects per every contact of the skin than twice as much as the competitors’, in the reason of differences in the number of needles. If needling is applied more densely into the same area, then more cell-division and skin-reproduction are ocurred, at the same time, this causes the better drugs delivery into the inner skin. Therefore, skin improvements with Tok Stick should be much better than any others.


2. Thinkness of needles (34G, 0.18mm VS 31G, 0.25mm)

Tok Stick guarantees a sharp decline of pain intensity. Tok Stick uses needles(34G, 0.18mm), which is thinner than 1/3 of a strand of hair(22G, 0.6mm), so that damages of the outer skin is much less. It means that the pain is relieved as the damages reduced. Implementing thinner needles also makes us to set more needles in the particular area. As a result, the better effects of skin-care is feasible with less pain. 


3. Way of drugs-delivery (Multiple release system VS Central release system)

Effective drugs-delivery is available with the groove of straight V-shaped line(V-groove)on the middle of each needle. V-groove is used as the path to deliver drugs(cosmetics, solutions), and it induces more effective drugs delivery into the target areas of the skin than the competitors’(screw-shaped). Moreover, drugs flow as following V-groove of each needle, and it prevents from the loss of drugs when delivering from the device to the inner skin. Consequently, this maximizes drugs delivery, and it is so much more effective than the competitors’(drugs delivered from only middle side of the unit; central-released). 


4. Prevention from Bendness & damages (more powerful VS bendy)

The needles plate extremely-high-intensity stainless with pure gold, and it prevents from damages of needles, including bendness and etc. Eventually, there is no inconvenience in use, which exists in competitive products.


5. Better design (Elegant design with portability VS medical-associated design)

Tok Stick is designed to meet the visual satisfaction in order to obtain our targets, who is mainly the general customers. All existing MTS-based products are represented by the images of medical-expert devices, however, Tok Stick has an elegant and familiar design for general customers, reminding a kind of lip sticks, which makes it to be portable in daily life.


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