[Skin Loop] Skin Care Device/Smart band


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24 Hours Skin Bodyguard Skin Loop Major Function Concept
Skin loop is a smart band that prevents skin aging and skin cancer by managing ultraviolet (UV) exposure in real time. It provides a safe UV exposure (MED, minimal erythema) and monitors and alerts you of UV overexposure.
It works in conjunction with a smartphone to display the ultraviolet index for each individual skin type on the app screen in real time and tells you how to block ultraviolet rays. Skin loop monitors the amount of ultraviolet light exposed in everyday life and tells you how to care for skin that is damaged by ultraviolet rays.

Sleep cycle insomnia natural healing function consists of coaching on ways to create vitamin D and melatonin by adjusting natural light.
It warns on illumination and lighting exposure that hinders melatonin secretion, coaches on keeping illumination environment for melatonin secretion and helps to learning regular sleeping habits.

Applied with Genetic Mechanism that Controls Biorhythms of Scientists Awarded with 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Made in Korea.
How to use : https://youtu.be/in5Nq8YcTXQ
We support 8 Languages.(English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnam, Thai, Russian, Spain, Korean)
Voltage : DC 3.7V (Dedicate charging cable(USB Cable Type - 110/220V)