[SD KOREA] Majjoeum Tteopokki 6 FLAVORS (120g * 6ea)


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Tteopokki is a general Korean traditional food.
However, most of the foreign customers have trouble to cook and eat Korean cuisine.
So, we decide to develop the ready-to-eat Tteokpokki.

'Majjoeum' is a Korean ward, and it means that 'it has a pleasant flavor.' To be the best tasty food in a Korean Tteokpokki, we always do our best.

Features :

1. There are different flavors: Original, Hot spicy, Carbonara, jjajang, sacheon jjajang, hot chicken
*available to add local spices/ingredients*
You can enjoy Ttoepokki according to your taste.
2. It is not included Animal-Derived Ingredients, so vegetarin can eat in safely.
All this, as well as egg, meat, gluten and nuts free too. For the customers who have an allergy. We did not use any kind of allergy sauces in the ingredients.
3. It is 1 year shelf life without preservatives.
4. It is based on HACCAP
5. Everyone can enjoy this Ttoepokki easily and quickly with microwave.




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