[purifee] Albatross Sports Gel

[purifee] Albatross Sports Gel


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It is a non-sticky cool sports massage gel containing natural plant extracts to reduce pain and inflammation
Relaxing tense muscles before exercising, it reduces risk of injury, promotes the vitality of muscles and is effective in eliminating stress of the whole body and restoring muscles after exercising.
It may be used together when doing a aerobic exercise (golf, tennis, marathon, in-line skating, cycling, and so on)

- When to use
•To have a refreshing exercise when doing a aerobic exercise.
•To reduce risk of injury before exercising/ relieve muscle fatigue after exercising.
•To relieve fatigue of household labor.
•To eliminate stress of examinee and office worker
•Ultrasound therapy, stretching, treatment before and after rehabilitation massage

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- Volume : 100ml

- Main ingredients : herbal extracts such as natural menthol, camphor, crinum, huttuyniacordata, morusbark, moutan, etc.,

- Expiration date : 3 years

- Color/Option : Blue(cool type), Pink(hot type)

- Made in Korea

[purifee] Albatross Sports Gel [purifee] Albatross Sports Gel [purifee] Albatross Sports Gel

It can be used when having exercise and sports activity. 

  •  PurifeeSports Gel helps increase muscle activity when having a physical activity and shorten recovery time.

  • It helps relax muscle before exercising, reduce risk of injury and promote vitality.

  • It has good effect on sports injury such as golf elbow, tennis elbow, and so on.

  • After applyingPurifeeSports Gel,  you can have the maximized effect if you have an ice pack.

  • When using with ultrasound and low frequency stimulator, use it after mixingPurifeeSports Gel  with Ultrasound Gel, and its effect is increased

- It can be used in daily life. 

  • Discomfort due to strain and stress can be relieved by massaging the back of the neck with Purifee Sports Gel.

  • Purifee Sports Gel helps increase refreshingness and concentration to examinees and office worker who sit for  Long periods of time.

  • It is good to apply to the part with muscle spasm or rigidity 3~4 times a day.

  • Applying it to the back of neck or shoulder when you feel drowsy can prevent driving while drowsy.

  • Purifee Sports Gel is made by utilizing aromatherapy treatment. So  Do not use it as a substitute for medicine.

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