pre-order [Photobook] [Stray Kids] - STRAY KIDS 2nd PHOTOBOOK [stay in playground]


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**This product is scheduled for release on 31th Aug**
**Shipping out date is scheduled for starting from 2nd Sep**
**This product may be out of stock during the reservation period.**
**Due to the size of the shipping box, all Posters will be folded and shipped.**
** The outer case is just for protecting goods. (scratches and discoloration on the case can not be the reason for exchanging or returning)

- PHOTO BOOK (210*297mm / 1ea / 328p)
- PAPER HOLDER (210*297mm / 1ea)
- SPECIAL DVD (120*120mm / 1ea / about 40min)
- WAPPEN KEYRING (42*42mm / 1ea / 1 out of 2 random)
- ID PICTURE (150*96mm / 1sheet)
- DECO STICKER & POST CARD SET (127*178mm / sticker : 4sheets, postcard : 8sheets 1set)
- POP-UP CARD (127*178mm / 1sheet / 1 out of 2 random)
- FOLDING POSTER (574*400mm / 1sheet / 1 out of 2 random)
- MESSAGE SCRATCH CARD (100*150mm / 8sheets 1set / 1 out of 3set random)
- SUBTITTLE : Engilsh, Japanese, Chinese, Japanese

-Pre-order special gift (onpack)
Polaroid Photocard 2sheets random (2 random Polaroid Photos out of original photos(72types) or prints(72types) will be given to pre-order customers.)