[PAROOS] Portable Urine Detector_for the elderly(Senior)[P-200]


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PAROOS is a portable urine detector that tells you if diaper is wet or dry without taking off clothes.
With no electromagnetic waves, instant detection of a wet diaper with the press of a button.
You can safely use it for loving family.
(1) Portable Urine detector[P-200] (Made in Korea) : HS code: 9031.80-9099
(2) Applications
• For the Elderly (Senior), Disabled, etc
• Senior care hospitals, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Home, etc.
• Who need : Caregivers, Nurses, Moms, etc.
(3) Competitiveness
• Checking the wetness of the diapers or pads without taking off clothes.
• Enabling to determine time of diaper change by measuring wet area.
• Simple measuring by pressing button.
• With no electromagnetic wave, measurable with clothes worn
• Portable in the pocket or on the neck
• Power consumption : up to 18months if used 24 times a day
(4) Specifications
• PAROOS is aiding nursing staffs effectively to check wetness of diapers
• PAROOS checks whether the diaper is wet or not at the status of wearing on clothes.
• You can manage multiple people with just one urine detector.
(5) Major product models
• Paroos provides two different models as per different sensor power range.
• P-100 : Within 4mm(0.013ft) thickness of extra cover excluding urine-absorbing diaper.(Single diaper used)
• P-200 : 5~10mm(0.017~0.033ft) thickness of extra cover excluding urine-absorbing diaper.(Double diaper used)