[Park Joon] Beauty Lab Electric Hair Caps


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* How to use :
1. Please dry your hair lightly after shampooing.
2. Apply evenly to hair care or treatment.
3. Wear a plastic cap over your hair.
4. Adjust the circumference of the hair cap using a reduced key to fit the size of the head.
5. 2 Pull the end of the string from side to side to move the ellipsis.
6. Now, turn on your product by plugging it into a power plug outlet.
7. Take off your hair cap and plastic cap when the time has passed for the procedure, and rinse your hair in lukewarm water.
8. If you wear a hair cap without a plastic cap, it can damage the inside of the hair products. Make sure to wear a plastic cap on the head before using it.
9. When the room temperature is low in winter, first of all, you can put the power plug in an outlet to warm the inside of the main product and use it more pleasantly.
10. Make sure to use it after use! Please remove the power plug from the outlet."Over-operation of this machine may cause damage and rupture of this product.
11. Dry your hair and dry it completely, because if it doesn't dry completely, the collar may get stained with other materials, such as towels and clothes.
* Made in : korea
* Expiration date : Stated on the product (package)