[O'tanic] Mini Travel Kit (5 steps)


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[01] I'm fine cleansing milk
Effective cleansing while minimizing skin irritation by utilizing cleaning power of the cleansing oil and freshness of the cleansing water. Multi-cleansing lotion-type product that thoroughly cleanses and conveniently rinse it with water! You can wash your face more smoothly and thoroughly by using the sponge provided with the set! (Here's how to use it.) Cleanse the point make-up first with a specialized cleansing product. Apply the product to dry face except the eye area, and gently scrub makeup residue and dead skin cell. Place some water to your hands and massage again gently. After emulsifying, rinse with lukewarm water. If you use the ‘O'tanic Foam Cleanser’for second cleansing, you can enjoy even fresher finish. (TIP) You can enjoy clearer feeling, if you put plenty of water in the provided sponge and gently cleanse the emulsified residue. (If you have the sensitive skin, use the sponge only 2-3 times a week.)

[02] Flower cloud foam cleanser
Moisturizing product without dryness after use by adding various natural ingredients such as licorice extract superb in skin soothing and moisturizing, portulaca oleracea extract and red grape extract! A good cleansing foam that considers the skin including the sensitive skin by carefully selecting only the mildest natural surfactants! The silicone brush is included in the container, so it can be used for areas that require thorough cleansing, such as T zones or snots, where keratin is mainly accumulated! (Here's how to use it.) Pump appropriate amount to the skin cleaned with cleansing oil or milk and massage gently. Gently roll the brush on the T zone where sebum or waste is accumulated to remove the waste, apply foam to your hands and washthe remaining parts gently with your hands. After washing your face, rinse the brush thoroughly with running water and dry it. (TIP) If you have the highly sensitive skin, use the sponge only 2-3 times a week.

[03] Daily Multi Shaking Toner
NO irritating chemicals, toner with 0% purified water! Contains high quality natural ingredients that sooth, moisturize and revitalize irritated skin such as the apricot water, calamine powder, aloe vera leaf juice and calendula extract. Multi-toner that can be used for both watery toner and bubble toner! NO chemicals have been added to generate artificial foam. (Here's how to use it.) After cleansing, shake the toner up and down to mix the calamine powder and apply proper amount to a cotton pad, Gently wipe along the skin texture. Pat the remaining amount for better absorption. Take some into the bubble container provided together and use it as a firm foam type to increase absorption and skin moisturizing power. (TIP) It is even better to leave the cotton pads moistened with refrigerated toner for 5 minutes on irritated or dry area before makeup.

[04] Perfect Leading Serum
Leading serum opens the first moisturizing minute after cleansing! This product effectively improves the skin health from the inside. Contains effective ingredients for skin improvement such as Galactomyces extract, a key ingredient of luxury brand essence as well as apricot extract, D glycerin, and 3GF peptide. (Here's how to use it.) At the next stage after the toner, apply an appropriate amount evenly over the skin and pat the skin gently for better absorption. (TIP) Suitable for light moisturizi ng in hot summer days.

[05] Premium whitening cream
Not sticky and quickly absorbed, fresh outside and moist inside! Pumping cream with hygiene and convenience together! Perfect Brightening and Wrinkle Improvement Product by adding hyper-moisturizing triple hyaluronic acid, olive ester and 3GF ingredients with niacinamide, brightening and wrinkle improvement ingredient announced by MFDS! (Here's how to use it.) After the face wash in the morning and evening, pump an appropriate amount and apply evenly over face at the cream stage. It is more effective if used intensively in the areas that need brightening and wrinkle improvement. (TIP) The pumping type of container is free from the harmful environment than taking-out type!