[Naturavita] Mother's care Oil (150ml)


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*Completed U.S. FDA testing and This is a registered product of the U.S. FDA *
- Creates a barrier that blocks several kinds of harmful irritants from penetrating the skin
- It removes “Stretch Mark” for mothers who gave births / but, can use it for Body Cream too
- Skin resilience, intensive protection care
- Adenosine (Anti-wrinkle) and Niacinamide (Brightening) are contained, and approved from FDA
- Gentle Ingredients / Powerful Benefits
- Great for use on baby skin
- Promotes skin protective care and may be used over the entire body

* In Korea, this item won the grand prize and was awarded "Good Natured Brand". Thus, it was awarded 1st Prize in the No.1 Customer Trusted Brand category.

Volume / Qty : Oil - 150ml
How to use (Cream) : Step 1. Clean areas (stomach, chest. etc.) where contents will be applied that are of concern or in
need of skin care.
Step 2. Throughly Massage cream onto the skin to aid absorption.
Step 3. Apply a follow-up, thin layer of oil.

How to use (Oil) : Step 1. Throughly massage cream onto the skin to aid absorption.
Step 2. Apply an additional, thin layer of oil over the cream-applied area.

Made in : South Korea
Main ingredients : Adenosine, Niacinamide, Aloe, Roses root extract, Olive oil & Shea Butter
Qty / Product Composition: Individually packaged
Expiration date : Cream - Oil - September, 2021