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Ms.44 - Pleasant and Enjoyable Beauty & Health mate!
Modern day people are exposed to diverse stress-inducing sources. Ms.44 pursues healthy and beautiful lifestyle suitable for today's trendy modern culture.

Ms.44 newly released health supplement line!
If you want to relieve all of your stress, take 2 tablets per day!
Try Ms.44 Peace Maker Anti-Stress for a Peaceful & Relaxing Day!

* Improves stress-induced exhaustion
* Alleviates stress-induced anxiety
* Highly recommended for modern day individuals dealing with stress caused by working overtime or studying

Volume / Weight: (28 capsules / 14 g) * 2EA

Main Ingredients:
1) Theanin
- Not only helps reduce stress-induced anxiety, but also helps with ending your day peacefully.

2) Rhodiola Rosea Extract
- Helps relieve stress-induced exhaustion

3) Lactose Mixed Powder, Red Ginseng Ferment Concentrated Powder, Taurine, Vitamin B2

How to Use (Recommended Dosage): 1 time per day – take 2 capsules (1.0g) with sufficient amount of water.

Precautionary Warning
1. Caution when drinking with caffeinated drinks (coffee, black tea, green tea, etc.)
2. Caution for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, children and perioperative patient when consuming.
3. If you are allergic to specific ingredient, check raw material name before consuming.
4. Caution for wound caused by packaging when opening or using.
5. Consult your physician or doctor if you are currently receiving medical treatment.

1. Avoid leaving product in direct sunlight, store in room temperature.
2. Keep the package completely closed to avoid moisture absorption.

Expiration date: marked on package.
Made in Korea