[Moveca Barrier] Reusable Fabric Face Mask Pink - Antimicrobial effects, Dust cover, Fast drying (children&adults)


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Moveca Barrier Mask safe silver element that kills 99.9% of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, pneumococcus, and reduces bacterial growth. Also, this element will not wash out even after multiple washes. It can effectively screen airborne droplets, and its antibacterial properties minimize mask contamination. Also, it can quickly prevent moisture in exhaled breath and make breathing more comfortable. We offer 4 different sizes that fit children and adults. Also, Moveca Barrier Mask never slips off your ears while talking. Furthermore, Moveca Barrier Mask never leaves lipstick smudges.

- Next generation multi-functional Aerosilver fiber
- Antibacterial 99.9%
- Deodorization 98%
- UV Protection 99%
- Quick dry cooling 90%
- Reusuable 100%
- Excellent fit and comport
- Made in Korea

Volume / Qty : 1ea
How to use : Please refer to the detailed image.
Main ingredients : Polyester, Span
Qty / Product Composition : One product with package
Expiration date: 6months after opening date

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