[HWAGAE]Matcha Whagea Green Tea Powder 100% pure (500g)


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Matcha Green Tea Powder 100% pure Matcha Green tea powder +
free Measuring spoon.
500g (NT 1.1lb, 17.63 oz)
Top grade pure and natural Matcha Tea food green Tea Powder
Food type; powdered and dried green tea
Manufacture; Whagea Nonghyup
Raw material; ; Green Tea 100%
Weight; 500g less and more
Expiration date; top mark
Nested material ; Polyethylene
Storage method; store in a cool place
How to drink;
Put a teaspoon of powdered tea in a cup, mix well with a little water, and
drink milk, water, juice. yogurt, etc.

Hwagye tea is a delicious and cheap product made of materials grown near Mt.Jiri,
one of the most clean areas in Republic of Korea.
If you put it in a meat dish, it will add to the sweet and taste.