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Lotte World Day Pass

Located in Jamsil, Seoul, Lotte World is easy to visit by subway that became one of the popular theme parks like Everland in Korea. Because the place is composed of both indoor and outdoor theme parks, visitors can enjoy regardless of the weather. The various theme, parades, and other performances vary in each season, so people from all over the world can visit and have fun.  

Lotte World Day Pass (Adventure, Magic Island, and other attractions)
Folk Museum

Lotte World Ice Rink
Fantasy Forest, Game Facility, Gift Shop

[Price Information]
Same for adult and child
Free admission: Under 35 mos (Must bring Passport)

Must show Redeem Code on voucher at the "South Gate Group Ticket Booth"

How to use?
1. Purchase the desired product and Check Lotte World Pin Code on the mobile voucher or email voucher.
2. Present the voucher at the “South Gate Group Ticket Booth,” and get an actual ticket.
※ Must visit after confirming PIN code on the voucher.
※ Must present PIN code on the voucher at the “South Gate Group Ticket Booth.”

The Seoul Pass is not responsible for everything that happens when you visit without checking your e-mail voucher.
Please be sure to show it to the ticket office after checking your e-mail!

If you have any questions, please send an email to here → help@seoulpass.kr
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Indoor Theme Park

We recommend you to ride thrilling attractions, such as The Conquistador, The Adventures of Sinbad, Atlantis, French Revolution, Pharaoh’s Fury, Tomb of Horror, etc.

We recommend those who do not want thrilling attractions to ride these following attractions, Drunken Basket, Dragon Wild Shooting, VR Space, Fantasy Forest, and Fly Venture.

Take a memorable picture in front of Camelot Carousel, the must visit place for lovers!

Outdoor Theme Park (Magic Island)

Magic Island with Swing Tree, Bungee, Kid’s SightseeingCar, Geneva Cruise Lines, Load Nelson’s Armada, etc, can be enjoyed only in Lotte World!

Gyro Drop, which goes up high enough for you can see Jamsil Seokchon Lake!

Atlantis, the most popular attraction for its fastest speed that you can’t even breathe.


Various Dance Show, Magic Show, Musical performances are prepared.

Santa and Light Parade that can only be seen in Winter!

CLICK HERE to check performances in detail

Folk Museum

It is time to appreciate the history and various cultural heritages living in the city of Korea, once you have eaten, enjoyed, and rested!

From Old Stone Age to Japanese Occupation, Korean history is divided into periods with actual or recreated relics so foreigners can consume easily.

• Folk Museum operating hours: Weekdays 09:30 ~ 20:00 / Weekend 09:30 ~ 21:00

<How to get there>

• Get off at Exit 4 of Jamsil Station (Subway line 2, 8) → Please refer to the Official Website for directions.

• Location of Lotte World “South Gate Group Ticket Booth”: Enter through South Gate Entrance, go left, and find “South Gate Group Ticket Booth.”

• (EVENT) The sausage : "Arabian Bazar" (Located in Adventure 1/F,  the corner next to the rotating basket besides the "Garden Stage") by showing the entry ticket.

• (EVENT) The single ticket for VR Space : The booth next to the ice-skating rink located in Adventure B/3 by showing the entry ticket.

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