[Limpidsky] Flower reed diffuser 50ml


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Certified and Safe Diffuser!
Beautiful fragrance and the preserved flower will make it more refreshing for your space.

- Use of fermented material base / High quality essential oils / Cosmetic-grade Fragrance oils
- No harmful ingredients(No Methanol, benzene, glyoxal, trichloethylene and formaldehyde)
- Safe diffuser passed testing by Korea Conformity Laboratories
(F-A09B-H016001-A160) Korea Testing & Research Institute

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***Fragrance's name is following flower color. If  you order 'blue flower', scent is 'blue' scent.  ***

Product Name: Limpidsky Flower Diffuser

Age: Rated 7 years old

Product Size: Width: 5.2cm X Depth 5.2cm X Height 14cm(Packaged size)

Manufacturer: JYFactory.Co., Ltd.

Country made: South Korea

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