[KADDAK] Smart Towel-the ultimate car scratch remover(80g)


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• Scratch can be easily removed with smart towel only without additional equipment.
• It easily removes contaminants from vehicles.
• Polishing treatment and gloss protection of painted surfaces.
• Repeated uses are available if it is sealed after use.
• 1EA/80g

- How to use - 

1) Remove moisture and foreign substances with dry cloth.  

2) Put on the nitrile glove.                                                

3) Use the KADDAK smart towel on the desired area.

4) Wipe with the soft side of the microfiber double-sided gloves, and then wipe again with the other special processed side.  

5) Put the towel into the sealed tinfoil envelop for reuse. Also, the microfiber double-sided gloves are reusable.

- Main / Sub ingredients - 

Hydrocarbon, Oleic acid, Polydimethylsiloxane, Cerium oxide

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