Jeju SangHwang Mushroom Tea 24Bottles


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Product name:Jeju Phellinus Tea
Product type:Liquid-state Tea
Raw material name & Content:Phellinus Linteus mycelia-extracted liquid 99.97%(Solid 0.2+%, Korean production),Purified water, Sodium bicarbonate, Complex scutellaria baicalensis extract
Content amount: 500ML
Expiration date: Date marked on the upper part or on the cap

-With no artificial preservatives or artificial sweeteners added a zero calorie-pure Phellinus tea.

-Drink composed of water and Phellinus Linteus my aelia.

-Phellinus Linteus mycelia cultivation with the patented technology.

-It is perfextly nonn-toxic to human body.

-It contains a great deal of beta-glucan that is an immune-increasing substance of Phellinus Linteus.

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