[Humming Pet] Golden Pollack Pet Snack-Stick type (70g)


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100% Alaskan Dried Pollack Fish Snack for Pets (Dogs & Cats)!

Pollock is a white fish and member of the cod family and is also known as saithe.

A low-fat snack that contains a high source of healthy protein and collagen to nourish hair, skin, muscle development, and tissue repair.

Can be served as a standalone treat or as an excellent fish topper for meals that you can add to just about any dry or wet dog and cat food. It comes dry, but can quickly get moist, and full of flavor while providing health benefits!

Here’s why your pet and vet will be thanking you:

- 100% pure Alaskan pollock
- Naturally fishy taste
- Safeguards muscles, heart, hair and skin
- Supports brain and mental health
- No artificial additives or preservatives

Caught in Alaska / Air-Freeze Dried in the Mountains of Korea

Naturally, freeze-dried in the open-air mountains of Gangwon, a famous mountainous, forested province in northeast South Korea with optimal weather conditions for drying pollock.

[Product Information]
- Name: GOLDEN POLLACK PET SNACK (Cube-Shaped type)
- Ingredient: 100% Pollack
- Net Weight: 70g
- Recommended Age: Over 3months
- Recommended Dog Type: Small dog
- Expiration date: 12 months from the date of manufacture

*IMPORTANT - Please carefully make sure that your pet chews this Pollack snack, or cut into smaller pieces based on your pet's needs.