[Himall] NEW Magic Chicken Powder Mild Taste (120g, 4.2oz)


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· Non-fried well-being chicken powder with low-calories
· Homemade Chicken to cook its preferred and desired amount simply and hygienically
· Enjoy eating it in a variety of flavors, such as curry taste, spicy taste, and mild taste at lower than the price of delivered chicken.

· "Magic Chicken Powder" is highly recognized as a product that is good for health because non-use of oil makes it possible to cook chicken easily, avoiding trans fats, with low-calories.
· "Magic Chicken Powder" that can cook its preferred and desired amount simply at home
* Although surface of chicken dish is less crunchy, fresh meat juice can make you feel a moist, tender taste of fried chicken. If you cook in an electric oven for about 30~40 minutes, you can feel crispy.