SaekdongGgachi Jeogori(Korean traditional jacket) - yellow


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SaekdongGgachi are miniature jeogori that are very delicate since they are made by using the same exact traditional sewing method. Also, their Hanboks are very delicate since their Saekdong clothes are connected. Furthermore their Hanboks are attachable.

quality of the material : 100% Korean silk fabric, acrylic, glass

SaekdongGgachi were clothes that were worn at the first birthday of the baby.

At the first birthday, people wished for baby`s good fortune and health and blocked evil spirits by making SaekdongGgachi.

SaekdongGgachi Jeogori(Korean traditional jacket), which were made by connecting different clothes, were called as SaekdongGgachi since it were worn a lot on holidays. 

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