Blue Danryung


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Hanibogi Danryung frame is a open and shut frame which is made by minimizing the traditional sewing mathod.

Inside the frame, they inserted magnets to separate, assemble, and storage easily. And the frame was made to have some delicate feelings of traditional Korean paper door when it is shined from the backside of the frame.

quality of the material : 100% Korean silk fabric
Size : 430*290*30mm
Weight; 1.747 kg

Danryung is a captive`s official uniform which its shape is round feather shape.


Danryung which is a official uniform from Chosun Dynasty, completed its garment policy by dividing Danryung into a court dress, uniform, offical clothes, and mourning.


Civil and military officials had a different Danryungs in shapes or types of Rank Badge with Girin Design according to their rank.


Danryungs were allowed to be used to ordinary people in case of the wedding.

Till now, Danryungs are still used as a grooms` wedding garment as are Ceremonial Robe and Hwarot for the brides.


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