[GOWITH] ALL IN ONE Nature SET/ Laundry Detergent (1000ml) + Fabric Softener (1000ml for 1 of 3 types)


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★GOWITH ALL IN ONE Nature Laundry Detergent
★It is soft but has a strong washing capability and removes residue perfectly which minimizes irritation to the skin and is suitable to wash kid’s clothes and adult clothes.
★Main ingredient: coconut extract
★Expiration date: stated on the products
★Volume : 1000ml
★Made in Korea

★GOWITH ALL IN ONE Nature Fabric Softener
★It has a very mind fragrance by using hypo-allergenic natural detergents that don't have any residues and fragrance without 26 kinds of allergies designated by EU.
★It also has less stimulation to skin because it doesn't contain Parabenes and heavy metal, and hence, it is used for clothes of babies that are sensitive to skin and adults.
★Expiration date: stated on the products
★Main ingredients: cocoon extract, sorbitan oleate, citric acid monohydrate
★Made in Korea

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