[DUFT&DOFT]Sophy Soapy Hand Sanitizer(30ml) 5 pack


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[What it is]
Perfect way to kill germs anytime anywhere with fresh fragrance

[How to use]
Spray the product on your hand and rub it until it is absorbed.

1. Kills 99.9% of germs!
Formulated with Benzalkonium Chloride : As an antibacterial agent, it works by killing germs.(It is used in hand wash for surgeons.)

2. Antibacterail Effect anytime anywhere
Removes bacteria from your phone, keyboard, mouse and even toilet. Perfect for keeping hands clean on the go.

3. Fresh-Fragrance Spray
Specially designed to deliver long-lasting delicate fragrance and make you feel refreshed.

4. Skin's Moist Barrier Enhancement
Creates a moisturizing layer with natural-based ingredients. It doesn't dry out your hands like a traditional hand sanitizer.

1.0 fl.oz. / 30ml (1 pack)
Total 5 pack

[Main Ingredients]
- Jojoba oil
- Glycerin
- Sage Leaf Extract
- Rosemary Extract
(*based on the characteristics of ingredients.)

[Expiration date]
It is written on the product or package.

Made in Korea.