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Product description
Dream Ray gold ultrasonic micro dermabrasion device for home and professional. Micro Bubble
Jet energy, ultrasonic energy and electrical properties of ion help three devices in one
professional beauty treatment.
And by adding a red light and green light device in skin improvement and skin care

1. Cleansing & Peeling mode
In this mode the device produce ultrasonic waves, and when the tip meets water a
bubble jet phenomenon occurs within the water molecule, helping to remove dead skin
cell. The bubble jet penetrates inside the stratum corneum and separates it from stratum
(To use the soft peel& cleansing mode, simply wet your skin with water before use)

2. Nutrition mode( green light )
In this mode, the device generates negative ion. So the device can help to absorb
nutrients such as vitamin-C, and mineral ingredients, which can help to remove such as
freckles or blemishes.
Therefore, it is effective to use the device with whitening cream or
mask pack which contain vitamin-C.
Skin elasticity improvement and functional cosmetics green light can be
obtained through the effect of penetrating deep into the skin.

3. Firming up mode( red light )
In this mode, the device generates positive ion. So the device helps to absorb nutrients
such as vitamin-A which can make minimize pores, increase skin elasticity, and
eliminates the fine lines and wrinkles.
Therefore, it is effective to use the device with retinol cream or maskpack
which contain vitamin-A,E.
red light can shrink pores, skin rejuvenation and skin disinfection.

Volume / Qty : 48mm X 142mm X 15mm/1

Made in : KOREA

Main ingredients : ABS, SUS

Qty / Product Composition: 1/BODY, USB CABLE, INSTRUCTION

Expiration date : 1 YEAR