[Dr. Y SECRET] Y-zone care Rejuvenation Secret Serum (2ml, 3 pieces)


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1. Natural ingredients : Perfectly safe with 99.7% natural ingredients (including water)
2. pH balancing : Maintains slightly acidic balance at pH 4.5 and keeps the inside moist and smooth
3. Low irritation : Tara gum and natural cellulose gum make skin soft with lubricating effects.
4. Easing Y-zone : Containing irritation-easing ingredients, it reduces irritation in the Y-zone and keeps it healthy.
5. Y-zone care : With the powerful sterilizing effects of coptis, it eliminates unpleasant odor and keeps the Y-zone clean and sanitary.
6. Highly concentrated serum : The moist and firming highly-concentrated serum keeps skin soft and smooth.
7. Patented technologies : Patents have been obtained with proven technological excellence.
8. Disposable syringe-type Y-zone serum : Y-zone serum in a disposable syringe type which ensures cleanness, hygiene and convenience simultaneously.