[Daeryung] Parfait Cutting board 3P SET & Unique Holder


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Non-Slip Cutting board + TPU Cutting board 2P + Unique Holder
FREE ORGANIZER HOLDER. Unique Holder with Capacity for up to 3 boards. Vertical or Horizontal Position. Non-Slip TPE Cutting board & Non-slip Chopping board.
-Non-Slip Cutting Board -It does not slip due to TPE material.
-TPU Cutting board¬- Flexible design for easy pouring of chopped food
And it is a Non-BPA detection board((BPA-Free).

Size : Non-Slip Cutting Board 417x260x8mm (16.4x910.2x0.31 inch)
TPU(M) 345x228x3mm (13.5x8.9x0.11 inch)
TPU(L) 385x246x3mm (15.1x9.6x0.11 inch)
Holder 155x80x80mm (6.1x3.14x3.14 inch)