[Cho and Kang] Hanbang Boyang Samgyetang 15g *4stick (The creamy treat for cats and dogs)


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This creamy treat for cats and dogs are made with 100% pure and natural farm-raised chicken and Korean medicinal herbs such as goji berry, chinese dioscorea, cornelian cherry, jujube, longan, carrot, broccoli floret.
The main ingredients are inspected from Cho and Kang which are harvested within 5km.

[ Product Information ]
- Product Name: Hanbang Boyang Samgyetang
- Food Type: Treat for cats and dogs
- Net Weight: 60g (15g * 4 sticks)
- Ingredients: Non-antibiotic chicken breast,Korean medicinal herbs (Goji berry, Chinese dioscorea, Cornelian cherry, Jujube, Longan), Carrot from Jeju island, Broccoli floret from Jeju island, Tapioca(Starch), Purified water
- Recommended age: Over 3 months
- Expiration date: 2 years from the date of manufacture

** Please feed the pets according to their size and the amount of their movement.
** This is the snack for pets, so please feed them within 10% of their daily foods.