[Cafe Dexter] Cold brew tumbler set (480ml)


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A Cafedexter Cold brew coffee is a coffee made from low-temperature with only Fresh Water. It makes Cafedexter cold brew soft, deep, rich flavor. Cold-brew coffee beans are extracted at high concentrations and low temperatures below 18 degrees to minimize loss of flavor and aroma.

A Cafedexter coldbrew is about twice as thick as espresso, a new coffee extraction process, so you can make various styles of coffee drinks and desserts. To improve the characteristics of the beans, the beans will be branded after individual roasting, so the taste and aroma of the beans will be rich.

Brazil coffee beans

Brazil's coffee beans are 30 percent or more of the world&'39;s coffee production, and is used, rich and widely used in blending products.

Ethiopia Sadimo

Called the lady of coffee, it has low caffeine.

Dark chocolate's heavy sweet taste and unique scent make it ideal for those who prefer unique coffee beans, and it is recommended to drink coldly.

Columbia Supremo

Columbia Supremo which is famous for mild coffee offers a rich and moderate flavor, a combination of soft sour, bitter tastes and strong chocolate.

High concentration Coldbrew

Soft and rich-flavored coffee beans extracted from low temperature with Freshwater

Non-synthetic flavor

Non-synthetic additives


Non-heat pasteurization with no change in taste and flavor of coffee beans

high brix

High concentration

Cafedexter cold brew are high in concentration, so you can enjoy a special taste full of coffee flavor by using them for various coffee drinks and desserts, bakery products and cocktails.