[Cafe Dexter] Cold Brew Dispenser


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Cold Brew Dispenser
that supplies I’m Cafe Cold Brew Coffee near you in the tastiest way.

Use Cold Brew coffee and water purifier as one!
I’m Cafe Cold Brew coffee dispenser can extract cold brew coffee and purify warm and cold water, saving space in offices making it comfortable to use, and it is suitable for buffets, catering, conventions, seminars where large amounts of coffee are needed, and you can drink cold brew coffee that you can taste at high quality cafes easily and conveniently.

Enjoy Cold Brew coffee sanitarily and tastily!
I’m Cafe Cold Brew dispenser has a built in private refrigerator between the temperatures of 4~6’C so it is sanitarily safe, and it preserves the taste and flavor of fully concentrated cold brew coffee intactly, allowing you to enjoy fresh and natural cold brew coffee until the last cup.

Raise the quality of space through luxurious design!
The dispenser used harmony of the luxurious steel hairline and the color black to create a polished design, and used the capacitive touch sensor making the dispenser more durable and the display of the design more classy to raise the quality of the completed product.

Detail Function

Space saving design
The dispenser serves coffee and purified water together.
Dispense sensor
The easy way to control the amount of water and temperature
Hygienic Cork
The tap with cork is designed for flexible installation.
It is easy to replace for hygienic purpose
Removable Water Tray
The separable drip tray is easy to clean for multiple uses.
Stylish LED screen and touch sensor
Simple and easy button control on LED screen
Customized option
Flexible options of Cold brew concentration and temperature
Safety Feature
The hot water lock system prevents spillage or misuse
Cup Sensor
The sensor prevents dripping and safety hazard.
High quality cold brew coffee dispenser efficiency comparison

A 4-stage composite filter with minerals that always keeps a clean purifiying system.

Using Primary Filter (Sediment)- Secondary Filter ( Carbon Filter)- Tertiary Filter (Nano Membrane Filter)- Fourth order Filter )compound Filter) we have built a clean water purification system with minerals.

1st stage sediment filter
Sediment filter is a filter made of high density polypropylene of less than 10mmhas an excellent effect for removing dust and complex particles in water. It maximizes the performance of the next stage filters by filtering the fine pollutants contained in tap water and the sludge that enters the pipeline

2nd stage Pre Carbon Filter
The Pre Carbon Filter is a filter made of activated carbon that is left over from burning palm trees at high temperatures. It has excellent adsorption ability to remove bad smells from water and remove heavy metals and chemicals.

3rd stage Nano Membrane Filter
The Nano Membrane Filter is a filter with a collection of plastic pipes with nanometer-sized fine pores that effectively removes contaminants from the water as it passes through the fine pores.

4th stage Complex Filter
The Complex Filter
Compound Filter is a filter made of solidified activated carbon and has excellent effect in making the water taste much smoother and neater. The antibacterial balls of small granules inhibit the formation of bacteria and mold.