[BALANCE'S] Refreshing Body Oil (200ML)


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Refreshing sensation free from stickiness maintains since pores are not blocked by quick absorption and deep penetration. Rich in high-quality vegetable ingredients. First-rate body oil with daylong care and smooth maintenance beyond mere application. Long-lasting moisture protecting your
skin thanks to the formed membrane onto the skin surface. Abundant in olive ester with moisturizing power. Completely free from inexpensive ingredients and mineral oil. Natural ester technology. Bio Catalytic Reforming. Olive oil ethyl esters / Sunflower seed oil ethyl esters / Camellia japonica seed oil ethyl esters / Apricot kernel oil ethyl esters / Macadamia nut oil / Grape seed oil / Evening primrose oil / Jojoba oil / Safflower seed oil / Meadowfoam seed oil / Avocado oil / Argan oil / 1,2 Hexanediol / Natural vitamin E / Grapefruit oil / Lavender oil.