[AQUACOOL] AQUACOOL Shower Gel Cooling & Refreshing Body Clean 200ml(6.8oz)


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Volume: 200ml(6.8oz)
Skin Types: For all skin types
Expiration date: Stated on the product
How to use
1. Wet your skin in the tub or shower.
2. Apply about 1-2 table-spoon of Aquacool Shower to your washcloth, shower ball or puff.
3. Gently massage the puff to make smooth bubble.
4. Rub your skin with the puff, using gentle circular motions.

Made in Korea

COOLING & REFRESHING BODY WASH : Special formula with menthol relaxes & refreshes the tired body from outdoor activities or hot weather.
MOISTURIZING & NOURISHING : Hyaluronic acid, Aloe essence and Panthenol moisturize and nourish the tired and dried skin.
PROTECTING SENSITIVE SKIN : Eucalyptus oil protects the skin from the outdoor activity.
NATURAL PRESERVATIVE : Less skin irritation than chemical preservative

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