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Aqua Planet 63 offers the utmost pleasure with conservation of marine life. You can feel the Human and Nature Coexist in Aqua Planet 63.

How to use?
1. Purchase the ticket on website
2. Show your pass (email voucher) at ticket office
3. Get checked and enjoy!

The Seoul Pass is not responsible for everything that happens when you visit without checking your e-mail voucher.
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 If you have any questions, please send an email to here → help@seoulpass.kr

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◎ Information

Aqua Planet 63 offers the utmost pleasure with conservation of marine life. You can feel the Human and Nature Coexist in Aqua Planet 63.

- GF -

1) Aqua Planet Valley

You can meet various underwater creatures under the cool valley and falls.

2) Planet of Otters

First village of Aqua Planet 63, Planet of Otters!

Meet the family of 4 Otters.

3) Aqua planet Garden

Space for water plants of mysterious Amazon and various underwater creatures.

also the underwater creatures tells information of the water plants!

4) Golden Miracle Zone

An area of outstanding brilliant scenery!


- B2F -

1) Planet of Penguin

Penguins flying in the sky, and What is the secret of namecard which hung with penguin's arm?

Find the Secret Behind Planet of Penguin!

2) Fantastic Mermaid

Everyday is more delightful like a carnival on the square of town.

 If you see the mermaid who comes under the sea planet to play, You'd better enjoy the carnival with her.

3) Planet of Coral

The most gorgeous space in Aqua Planet, You can enjoy the wonderful colors of iridescent coral reefs!

4) Planet of True seal

 The couple of true seal has long been at the Aqua Planet for 100 years.

They like eye contact from you, Please focus on their eyes!

◎ Use Guide

Operating Hours  10AM ~ 10PM (No holiday)

Last Admission  9:30 PM (Please enter 30 minutes before ending time.)

- Admission free for children under 36 months.

◎ Performance / Special Program (*Admission all free)


- Mermaid Show -

Show Time

11:30AM / 12:30PM / 1:30PM / 2:30PM / 4:30PM / 5:30PM / 6:30PM

Running Time  7min.

Venue  B2F, Fantastic Mermaid Water Tank


- ALL THAT JAZZ in 63 -

Show Time  OPEN RUN 8PM (There are no shows on Mondays.)

Venue  In front of Main Water Tank on Aqua Planet 63

If you have any questions, please send an email to here → op@seoulpass.kr 

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