[MIMOS] JIVE Patting Master Makeup Gear


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Through max. 4,000 vertical pats (massage) per minute, MIMOS’ PATTING MASTER – JIVE ideally massages face wrinkles and small muscles (orbicularis oculi muscle) around the eyes, helping anti-aging ingredients and makeup nutrients to be well absorbed into the skin and improving the blood circulation (Stress Relief).

- Caring for winkles with eye cream and makeup nutrients-rich serum.
- Increasing Luster / Skin elasticity
- Increasing Makeup adherence
- Promoting adsorption of makeup
- Improving moisturizing with moisturizing cream
- Increasing Makeup Adherence

Technical Specifications
- Real max. 4,000 vertical pats a minute for real patting massage

Batter Type: L1154/LR44